Interflow with Jilin and Shanghai Tian Jia Bing High School

14.01.2019 & 22.01.2019

On 14 and 22 January 2019, a total of 61 students and teachers of Jilin Tian Jia Bing Senior High School and Shanghai Tian Jia Bing High School visited Tak Oi respectively.

Students showcased their talents through different cultural performances, including English choral speaking, Cantonese duologue, singing, instrument playing and dancing.

Lesson sit-in was arranged for the visitors to experience the learning atmosphere in an English-rich environment. Besides, our students guided the visitors to walk around Tsz Wan Shan and they enjoyed a local lunch together. The encounter was accompanied by chats and laughter.

These are valuable learning experiences for our students and we treasure every moment in the cultural exchanges.