Assembly 2: Tak Oi and I on 16 November 2018


The second Assembly Talk “Tak Oi and I” was held on 16 November 2018 to help deepen students’ understanding of their relationship with Tak Oi. The theme was exemplified by various sharing of student leaders who expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Tak Oi for the people they have encountered and the rich array of learning activities they have gone through which were conducive to developing their potentials in different aspects. The highlight of the assembly was the interflow between the student leaders from the Four Houses with Sister Rossetti who was once the Chairperson of the Student Council when she was a sixth former in Tak Oi. In her sharing, Sister Rossetti shared with us the secret why she was running for the Student Council. It was all out of her love and sense of belonging to Tak Oi. Sister Rossetti also encouraged students to grasp every learning opportunity to enrich their school life.

Religious and Life Education Committee and Student Leadership Development Team