Delia’s Day


Both teachers and students had a wonderful time on the Delia’s Day (22nd February, 2019). The Day began with ‘Joy and Thanksgiving’ Talent Show. The performers, including students and teachers, amused the audience with their entertaining performance. After the show came the sharing of Sr Pauline on the topic “Creation of God and Kindness to animals’. The students were amazed to see two lovely cats brought by Sr. Pauline. Before the break, the whole school community took group photos in the playground with a display of different body gestures. During the carnival time, students were engaged in different activities like ‘Joyful’ Dancing, DIY handicraft making and “Thanksgiving” Challenge. On one side of the playground, students and teachers helped in the Charity sale of cookies and muffins to raise fund. On another side of the playground, students eagerly collected the frozen snacks offered by our Principal and MIC Sisters. They were delighted to receive Mother Delia’s stickers and pencil sets as souvenirs from MIC Sisters. Before the lunch break, four groups of students took part in the “Love and Truth” Cooking Competition to showcase their cooking talents. We were glad to see a group of male teachers demonstrating their sophisticated culinary skills. The hall was filled with the aroma of delicious dishes. The adjudicators were very impressed by students’ cooking talents, creativity and team spirit.

The S6 prayer service was arranged in the afternoon session of Delia’s Day. It was a memorable occasion for the S6 students to count God’s blessings on them. Student representatives from different S6 classes expressed their gratitude to the Supervisor, Principal and teachers for giving them guidance and support. Special blessings were given to S6 students through the laying of hands of Father Stephen Chan. The prayer service ended with the candle-light-passing ceremony which symbolized the carrying on of our mission - Love and Truth, Joy and Thanksgiving in our Tak Oi Community.

We express our sincere appreciation to all who have contributed in making this Delia’s Day memorable, joyful and meaningful.

Pastoral Care and Religious Education Team