AGM and election of the Student Council & 4 Houses


As the new academic year began, the annual general meeting of the Student Council and Four Houses as well as the election of new committee members were held on the 10th, 11th and 12th September. The chairpersons of the 2018-2019 committees presented their annual reports that concluded all the events they had held last year. After the AGM, the proposed cabinets presented their year plans and inspirations to their fellow schoolmates. All members participated actively in the Q & A sessions & the voting process. The Student Council Eutopia, Bauhinia, Orchid, Lotus 1 and Daisy 2 were successfully elected as the new committee this year. May all the successfully elected cabinets pass on the passion and spirit in serving our school community.

2018-2019 Student Council Bifrost and Four Houses