School Reopening Ceremony 2020


September 1st, 2020 was a special day, one that many will remember for years to come. The opening of this school year was held online, and though distant, the heart-warming smile and welcoming message from Sr Rossetti brought us close. We were introduced to our new principal, Ms Rowan Sit, who succeeded our dear and happily retired Ms Kitty Wong, as the fifth principal of the school. Ms Sit shared her vision along with the need for the school to move forward under the new normal, encouraging schoolmates to gather the energy that Tak Oi Persons used to display.

There rightfully is a great deal of anxiety under with the complexity and fluidity of the global crisis. But certainty comes with faith, determination and perspective. September 1st, 2020 was a special day, and for years to come will you remember it as a day of crisis or is it special for the new hope it represents?