2021-2022 S1 Admission

New arrangements of 2021-22 S1 Discretionary Places Interview

In view of the latest epidemic development and taking into consideration of the applicants’ health and safety, the School has made new arrangements regarding the S1 Discretionary Places Interview originally scheduled on 6th March 2021 (Sat). The new arrangements are as follows:
1. The S1 Discretionary Places Interview originally scheduled on 6th March 2021 (Sat) will be cancelled.
2. Please note that the admission criteria and weighting have been adjusted as follows:

Areas Weighting
Academic Performance
(Student’s Ranking Order from EDB as well as internal assessments of P5 and P6)
English self-introduction and short speeches in English and Chinese
(Video clips submitted by applicants)
Extra-curricular Activities, Awards Received and School/ Community Services
(Both internal and external)
Conduct (grade B+ or above)
3. The School will send the questions and the details of the submission of video clips to applicants by noon on 1st March 2021 (Mon). If applicants cannot receive the email in the afternoon of 1st March 2021 (Mon), please contact us at 2323 8504.


Criteria Date
Distribution of S1 Discretionary Places Application Form 28 November 2020 to 18 January 2021
Submission of S1 Discretionary Places Application Form 4 January 2021 to 18 January 2021
S1 Discretionary Places Results Release 31 March 2021*
S1 Admission Results Release 6 July 2021
* Successful applicants will be notified by mail and phone.

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Hensel Cheung, Assistant Principal, at 2323 8504 during school office hours.


1. 原定於二零二一年三月六日(星期六)的面試將會取消。
2. 更新之評分準則及比重如下:

準則 比重
課外活動、校內外所獲奬項及校內外服務 20%
3. 本校將於二零二一年三月一日(星期一)中午前透過電郵發放需遞交錄影片段的有關資料。如申請人於二零二一年三月一日(星期一)當天下午仍未收到有關資料,請致電本校2323 8504查詢。


Criteria Date
派發中一自行分配學位申請表 2020/11/28 – 2021/1/18
遞交中一自行分配學位申請表 2021/1/4 – 2021/1/18
中一自行分配學位結果公佈 2021/3/31*
中一收生結果公佈 2021/7/6
* 本校將會以書面及電話通知已獲納入正取學生名單之申請者

如對以上安排有任何疑問,請於辦工時間致電2323 8504聯絡助理校長張興仁老師。