School Sponsoring Body

Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (M.I.C.)


The first religious missionary institute for women in North America, was founded in Montreal in 1902 by Delia Tetreault (1865-1941). It all began when little Delia had a prophetic dream of a wheat field with all the ears of wheat suddenly changed into heads of children… she then understood that they represented the souls of pagan children. This dream unfolded her call to found a missionary congregation of women. In 1902, Delia set up an apostolic school to train young missionaries. In 1904, Pope Pius X made this school a religious institute dedicated to foreign missions and named it The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.


September 8, 1909 marked the first departure of MIC sisters for China. Today, MIC has taken part in different missionary service in over 15 countries. Despite different work and ministries, they are all united in the common mission of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who do not know it in the spirit of Joy and Thanksgiving.


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